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MedRevise advertising update

Posted by on March 21, 2011

Seems like a long time ago…

Before I talk about our changes with advertising, let me just tell you about how we’ve changed since we started. We started in bonny 2005 as a fixed page revision website, with some basic anatomy and physiology notes. A year later, we took the jump to a wiki, allowing others to contribute. At the time, I was pretty much our only visitor, and a few other from Sheffield Medical School.

Jump forward 6 years. We now have 1,750+ articles, over 450 registered contributors, and around 16,000 visitors a month, viewing a total of more than 100,000 pages between them! That’s someone loading a page every 23 seconds. When you search “medical revision” on Google, we are top. Things have changed a little since 2005.

Opportunities, at a fair price

As a result, we have had to upgrade our hosting a few times (we get our web hosting from Salt and Light Solutions), and there is a lot of time and energy put into the site by a fair few, already rather busy people.

To try and meet these costs, whilst remaining a free, non profit website, this year we started providing advertising. Thanks to Pastest and Elsevier who have taken us up on this – it has been supportive, and has given us an opportunity to provide special offers to our visitors too!

Ringing the changes

After 6 months trialing the layout of our adverts, we think there are a few changes that can be made. From now on, there will be 4 options for advertising:

  1. Top bar – The top bar will read “MedRevise, sponsored by Your Business” (advert size 415×53).
  2. Top side bar – Have one of our new, larger (140×140) adverts, visible above the twitter tool bar.
  3. Bottom side bar – Have a smaller advert (140×75), shown below the twitter bar, on the right.
  4. Bottom side text – Get your business linked to, with the text of your choice, underneath the adverts.

Sounds good, how much…?

Get your site/business/service advertised on MedRevise with the prices below. We are, however, open to haggling, and giving us items for free giveaways, or services for the admin staff is something we can take as part exchange:

  1. Top bar – £85
  2. Top side bar – £65
  3. Bottom side bar – £40
  4. Bottom side text – £20

All advertisers also get featured on our Sponsors page on MedRevise

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