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Medical Evidence on Wiping Your Bum

I recently became a contributing medical expert for the lifestyle website My input was used on a recent article about what evidence there is on wiping your rear. Below is a more in depth, referenced look at the subject: Medical Evidence on Wiping Your Bum All of us do it: using your anus is … Continue reading »

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Corticosteroids and ulcers: what’s the evidence?

For many years, it has been well ‘known’ within the medical community that steroids can cause peptic ulceration. Countless mnemonics warn of it as a side effect – on the MedRevise corticosteroid side effects page1, we use CUSHINGOID: cataracts ulcers skin thinning hypertension/hyperglycaemia/hirsuitism infection avascular necrosis of the hip glycosuria osteoporosis immunosuppression diabetes However, this presumed fact is actually … Continue reading »

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