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Welcome to MedRevise

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What is MedRevise?

MedRevise is a medical revision wiki. Started by medical students from Sheffield University, we aim to provide medical students with simple, concise notes on link building all the topics they need to learn. We also try to provide a break from the intensity of learning with occasional jokes.

We are not trying to copy Wikipedia, but provide something different, something more well aimed at clinical knowledge. If you want to know what the GPR137B receptor is for, go to Wikipedia - if you want to know what causes cough, stay here!

Having any problems trying to navigate or use the site? Try the Help section.

How do I get involved?

  1. Firstly - you are involved by just using the site. Use it for your revision, in preparation for your exams, in learning how to be a doctor.
  2. If you want to contribute, please read the Philosophy and Guidelines. If you are happy with them, become a registered user, and start editing. Any difficulties there, try reading the page on getting started.

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Please use the contact page to get in contact with someone from MedRevise. We would love to hear from you, whatever the reason. The contact page also has a little more information about Chris Lowry and Rajin Chowdhury who run the site.