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Dermatological history

Not going to go into a whole bunch of details here: just adapt your standard history, but make sure you focus on the following features:

  • Duration of rash: and how it has changed
  • Treatment tried so far - Really go into details, how much cream do you apply, how often a day? The biggest problem is often compliance. Try coating a 2 year old in emollient three times a day; no easy task!
  • Associated symptoms; itching / fever / pain - these can be big clues, as well as
  • Sick contacts - if someone at school has chicken pox, that's probably a helpful clue.
  • Travel - more chance of infective cause.
  • Medications - drug rections are a going to be caused by drugs.
  • 'Systemic review: feeding etc.. - can be a sign of more serious disease.
  • Past medical history - most of the allergic and autoimmune rashes will be repeat presentations.