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Medical Director Job Description

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Microscopes: Microscopes play an important part in a medical laboratory. There are different types of microscopes like fluorescence microscopes, laboratory microscopes, stereo inspection microscopes and educational microscopes.
Second of all, by placing your future in this line, you can get trained in less than a year and start kicking it in the real way. This is because during the training process, you are not only taught the theoretical side of things, you also get to do many hands on activities which would give you the experience and exposure that you need. This would include doing simple medical things such as drawing blood from a patient, cleaning wounds, bandaging a sprained ankle and moving on to bigger things such as removing casts and sewing stitches. Instead of spending a good 3-4 years in college taking general education classes along with your subjects of interest, medical assisting schools generally focus on training you in the subjects you need to know on a daily basis.
The same goes for a tissue culture laboratory, everything must be sterile and the processes must be asceptic. Deionised water is also used in media preparation as well as in the set-up of the needed items and equipment.
Medical laboratory includes that for analysis of blood gas and electrolytes, chemistry, immunology, hematology, coagulation, microbiology, urinalysis and more.
Toluene is a vital chemical used in the adhesive, laboratory, paint, pesticide, pharmaceuticals, and rubber industries. It is usually used as a solvent for dilution, extraction, and electroplating. The largest use for toluene, however, is in benzene production.
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There have been reports of anemia, bone marrow disorders, and decreased blood count due to constant exposure to toluene even in small concentrations. It also has a defatting capacity which results to redness and drying of the skin as well as dermatitis. Toluene is also known to aggravate existing medical conditions such as those with skin disorders and kidney or liver disorders. Alcohol consumption is known to enhance the toxic effects of toluene. It is also very harmful to pregnant women.

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