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This is an ear. If you've never seen one before, you probably ought get your eyes tested. Then realise you're visually impaired and probably shouldn't be considering a career in ENT.

Cleverly, I have split the Ear, Nose and Throat section into Ear, Nose and Head and Neck. Haha! Fooled you into thinking the final section would be "Throat"! But it wasn't! I am so witty. OK, I'll shut up.


Basically, this can split into:

There's not much left, then, of the ear to get diseased.


Kid, particularly, are like to have nasal foreign bodies or get nasal trauma because they're a bit malcoordinated and thick. Furunculosis is an infection of hair follicles and can occur in the ear as well. Polyps are common in the nose. More serious is nasal and sinus cancer. Sinusitis is not a particularly pleasant condition as is more serious than rhinitis.

Head and neck

Epiglottitis and croup are both mainly paediatric conditions but are worth knowing about. Pharyngitis is an inflammation of the pharynx, usually caused by infection, aka sore throat though it can be more severe. Laryngitis is the same but of the larynx and voice box. The salivary glands can also have problems such as tumours or stones. Laryngeal cancer is also important.