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Welcome to MedRevise

MedRevise is the home of free medical revision for student doctors. Not too in depth, nor too short, and with a great sense of humour! This site was the world's first medicine revision wiki, and it's growing all the time...

Find it difficult learning from lectures? MedRevise has all the notes you'll need to fill in the gaps!

Key Revision Areas


We have a list of about 100 Key Clinical Problems with key conditions such as anaemia, pain and delirium, to name just a few.

Also on there is Medical Emergencies and summaries of the most useful NICE Guidance... Get learning!

Using the Site

Search is the easiest way to use the site - just type into the search box at the top any topic you want! Please note that by using the site you submit to our disclaimer.

Anatomy & Physiology

This section covers all the basics of what the body is and how it works: from the respiratory system, to how blood is pumped around the body in the cardiovascular section. Digestion and other topics are covered in the GI section, along with details of organs such as the stomach and the liver.

We also have loads on sex and the genitourinary system, a basic introduction into neuroscience and the musculoskeletal system. Endocrinology and the working of the immune response are explained, and there's always learning to be done about sight and other loose ends

Clinical Skills

This is the practical section, with tips, tools and videos! Learn how to take a good history, or how to examine a body part or structure. We also have a small section on understanding imaging. We also have a range of videos on examination, which you can check out on our Youtube Channel too.


As you can see on the left, an exhaustive list of specialities exist. These contain information on the kinds of diseases that relate to the anatomy section above. Many of these are not completely finished, but the best are Women's health, Psychiatry, Obs & Gynae and Paediatrics. Well on the way are Cardiology, Respiratory, Urology and Anaesthetics. Get involved helping us to fill these pages, or keep checking back!

Want to get involved?

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