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Neuroanatomy is very complex, and rather important when studying neurology. If you get stuck with any of the terms used, see the neuro glossary page.

The Brain

Brain Structure


There are two main types of cells in the nervous system: neurones, which connect and send electrochemical signals to each other; and glial cells which maintain the environment needed for neuronal function.

Central nervous system

Peripheral nervous system

Autonomic nervous system

This is the involuntary nervous system, things you can't control, such as heart rate, and release of hormones. Two parts:


The nervous system is quite useful. If I had to choose between having a brain or having a spleen, it would not be a decision that would take me very long. However, understanding how it works is not fun. Learn about sympathetic and parasympathetic pathways. I assume there will be more to write in this section soon.


For more on neurological disorders, check the Neurology page.