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"Why? What? I don't understand!"

What is this site?

It's a revision page, mainly for anyone doing medicine, especially at Sheffield University. It might be a lot less help to you if you are doing philosophy at Cardiff, but feel free to try.

Who runs it?

Chris and Rajin Chowdhury (not that Chris spelt my name right the first time) - it is a distraction from revision that keeps us working, so it's probably worth it.

Why does this page not work?

If you click on a page link written in red, it will present you with a blank form - this means the page hasn't been written yet. Either hit back, or maybe contribute and write something!

What is the structure?

Each topic is split into the organs/tissues/systems it contains. In each of these pages I try to cover the blood supply, the nervous supply, the lymph, the structure and function, then common clinical complaints. In the ILAs I aim to cover all the questions enough that you could just use the sheet off here.

How did you choose which clinical conditions to mention?

We check out common conditions in Kumar and Clark, Underwood's Pathology (great book!), The Merck Manual and in Snell's clinical anatomy as well. Combined with our experience, and the teaching we get, we hope to cover everything important.

Where did you get your information?

All from wikipedia. Nah not really, though it helps. The usual, text books, google, lecture notes, etc. Everything I have has been rewritten, usually in slightly less pointlessly intense language (by language i mean linguistical revelatory annunciation, I'm sure you get my point.)

This site has changed. What happened?

You probably visited our old site. Hopefully, you will like this one more!

Where did you get your pictures?

We either create them ourselves, using paint, or Fireworks, or we get them from non-copyright locations, such as Wikipedia. We don't break copyright - that contravenes our guidelines!

Why did you do this?

I, Chris, started my revision, and felt very superior, like I was better than other people cause I was making good notes. Then I realised what an absolute scum bag that made me, so I decided to share it with anyone who wanted it. I hope it helps you!

Contacting us...

Maybe try the contact page?

Getting Involved

Can I get involved?

Yes! You can. Before you do anything though, please read the MedRevise Philosophy, and the MedRevise Guidelines.

I've read them, now what?

Simply register, and then you can change or create any page. Simply click "edit" at the bottom of a page to add information, change stuff or anything like that. We really want people to contribute, especially when we have made mistakes.

I don't understand all this code? What do I do?

MedRevise uses some software, called MediaWiki for organising everything. It is fairly simple - just read the How To Edit page, and you will understand!