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Welcome to the MedRevise Minitech Review!

That's right! Your favourite medical revision website (that's us, by the way) will soon be giving you in depth reviews of using Smartphones and PDAs in the hospital, on placement and for revision.

Coming soon, there will be free reviews of the latest and greatest devices and software, all here, on MedRevise, for free!.

Using a smartphone or PDA can be incredibly useful on placement.

The Future...

As the years go by, everything to do with Medicine gets more technical. PDAs have long been used by medical students and doctors, and we think it's time that a series of comprehensive reviews were done, looking at the best, the worst and the software available that will help you appear most knowledgeable.

The Reviews

Device Models

We want to cover as many devices as possible. Amongst others, we will be covering:

Thanks to all the companies who have supplied us with review models!

Raj, clearly showing that he is not cool enough to be using a smart phone. In this image, he is just about to call his mum to ask how to use the washing machine...

The Software

There is a huge range of medical software available, much of it for multiple platforms. We hope to focus on products from the following providers:

We will report on availability, pricing and functionality of software.

Get Involved!

Like the rest of this site, the Minitech Review is a wiki. If you have had an experience with software or hardware - read our guidelines and our philosophy, register as a new member and get involved!