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Quite a lot of this isn't done, as usual with this site. Things are changing though, so watch this space.

Main systems examination

This is a stethoscope, generally used for auscultation and digital rectal examination, vaginal examination and tiddlywinks.

The basics of examination are almost always the same. They involve doing things in a very particular but actually quite logical order.

These are things you'll probably do, at least quickly, in everybody:

Musculoskeletal Examination

The videos for these examinations were provided by Arthritis Research Campaign.
The big one you need to know is GALS which stands for Gait, Arms, Legs and Spine.
Aside from this, and working down from head to toe, we have:

Neurological Examinations

There are two main types of examination for Neuro:

Psychiatric Examinations

These aren't psychical exams, but are vital in assessing a patient's mental well being. You are most likely to encounter them with confused patients, especially on the geriatric wards, and on psychiatric placements.
There are two key ones, the Mental State Examination and the Cognitive State Examination.

Miscellaneous Examinations

Things that don't fit in anywhere else go here: