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This is the only tool you will need in orthopaedics. Basically, if you own one of these, and have a filthy sense of humour, you are now an orthopaedic surgeon.

This is the management of, usually mechanical, injuries to the joints and bones. If you like DIY, there's a high chance you'll like this specialty as much of it is surgical and involving hammers, chisels and drills, particularly for big joints. As such, orthopaedics can pretty much be split up based on the joints that have been injured or aren't working:


The most common result of this is fractures. Dealing with fractures is a helpful page for dealing with these generally.

Joint replacement

Also known as arthroplasty (joint-moulding) This is almost entirely hip and knee.

Tendon, Ligament and Muscle issues

Shoulder dislocation Rotator cuff disorders Frozen shoulder Anterior cruciate ligament rupture Achilles tendon rupture

Bone disorders

These bones are not in the right order. It should be "1,2,3". In fact, they are in "disorder". As such, this is a (poor) example of a 'bone disorder'. This particular type is incredibly rare.

Unfortunately, I don't know where else to put bone disease so it's going to go here. It'd kind of related to muscles, joints and er, connective tissue. Yeah. Anyway here's some diseases: