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This is the german method of ballotting the kidneys. Currently it is not directly approved by NICE, but let's hope.

Ow, you winded me!

Nephrology is all about the kidney. Thus it would be worth learning about said organ, as well as its vital position in the cardiovascular and genitourinary systems.

Why is there blood in my wee?

There are many key investigations to check the kidneys. You should know what blood tests to do, especially U+Es, and you should also know about ultrasound scans. You should also definitely know about scintigraphy, because let's face it, we all know what this is.

Are you going to stick a tube up, err... 'there'?

There are some key conditions you need to know about:

It's also worth knowing what things to be on the lookout for, especially proteinuria, haematuria and oligouria, as well as the risk factors of hypertension and diabetes.