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Hypothalamus Control

Both the anterior and posterior pituitary release hormones, with a stimulation from the hypothalamus. The anterior pituitary releases them through a blood stimulus, whilst the posterior works through a neural stimulus.

Anterior pituitary

Its origins are from the mouth/throat. It is connected by blood supply to the hypothalamus, which releases hormones into the blood that stimulate pituitary release.

Anterior hormones

It produces the following hormones: Remember as the GP FLAT, because GP's deal with everything, the pituitary gland controls all the body's hormones and flats are based upstairs in the brain.

Posterior pituitary

Its origins are a downgrowth from the brain. It is linked by neurons to the hypothalamus, which produces hormones and releases them, through the axons of the linking neurons, in the posterior pituitar.

Posterior hormones