Abdominal mass

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A mass in the abdomen.



More seen in the older generation, or people with scary conditions. Not the same thing as obesity, although can be harder to identify on examination in big bellies.

Clinical and Associated Features

The majority are asymptomatic, discovered on examination.

Symptoms can include pain or change in bowel habit. Obviously there are a wide variety of causes, which can have other symptoms, but also fairly common are weight loss, blood in stool, jaundice or bowel obstruction.

Differential Diagnosis

There are a lot of potential causes:


  1. Get history done to screen for family or personal family history of cancer.
  2. Next do a good lump examination.
  3. Now do a full blood count, urea and electrolytes, liver function tests, and clotting studies.
  4. CT abdomen wouldn't hurt either.